Agent Smoke is an autorunner game for mobile devices. The protagonist is an easygoing and smoking agent, whose mission is to deliver a briefcase to his target subject. He’s always on the run and encounters several obstacles in the dark alleys of the town.


In order to complete the prototype within a week, the guys decided to keep the visual appearance monochrome and of a film noir look. Besides the main character and the other assets are low poly meshes. I used 3ds Max for Rigging and its CAT system to create the run cycle. 


To develop a playable prototype of a mobile game within a GameDev Week. Furthermore exaggerated gameplay features like a lunge with dropping nicotine values or cigarettes as power-up items are included.


Developed by Daniel Denne, Matthias Guntrum, Wolfgang Reichardt, Valentin Sekinger and Diana Küppers. My contribution
Rigging • Animation/Run-Cycle