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Jinxes is a side-scroller  about oil pollution, in which the player takes the role of an oil spill.
The objective is to catch as many sea gulls as possible without being noticed by the photographers. Main gameplay features are a limited capacity of the oil spill and to keep a small amount of attention. The game has 3 different endings, which assesses the situation in a sassy way.


Developping a paper prototype for testing several ideas helped to determine the final gameplay features. In contrast to the severe game theme we decide creating a peaceful setting with an organic art design. Moreover we use real footage to show the victims of oil pollution.
Final realization includes a demo level. Done with Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Flash and Actionscript 3.


Our aim was to create a surprising and playful experience of dealing with a severe issue. Putting  the player in the role of a big bad oil spill
alludes to the seriousness of oil pollution in an ironic way. Besides the unexpected ending statements indicate that there’s no real way of winning this game.


A group project by Martin Kepler, Christian Kirchner and Diana Küppers. My contribution was
Game Design  Paper Prototype  Animation

Play it here