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Dimensionect is an interactive installation about about 6×6 metres, in which people use their bodies to look around the interior space of a paper church. The main focus lies within the control of the perspective. Thereby the user has the possibility to explore the scenery in natural way. The optical illusion of a three-dimensional space is created by using several layers which react due to the peoples’ movement.


The installation is coded with Quartz Composer and Microsofts Kinect senses the body movement. The user almost needs to stand on the same spot, since bending the body activates and controls the installation. The optical papercutting appearance provides to explore the scenery in a playful way. Therefore the images aren’t related to any real buildings, they rather create an abstract image in everyones’ head.


The installation embodies a “fake” three-dimensional interior by placing several layers in a row. Therefore the advantage of an interior room is the possibility to experiment with the perspective in order to create an effective illusion. Within the scenery the user has to literally “look around the corner” in order to explore the building. Therefore body movement, as a control, grants a natural way of interaction.


A group project by Jeongho Park and Diana Küppers. My contribution
Concept • Art Design • Installation