The 30 second animation shot is inspired by the movie of the same title “Drunken Master (1978) with Jackie Chan. It’s about a maniac, who’s doing crazy martial art moves in his room. Moreover he seems to be drunk and wrecks some of the furniture.


Primarily selecting a story with a martial arts theme and finding apendant video reference. Planning the scene and define the motion sequence by doing a lot of sketches. Start with Blocking and do several revisions in order to get a snappy timing and an exaggerated movement. Finally polish the animation, do the modelling and lighting of the setting and render the shot using 3ds Max.


Creating a full body character animation with an emphasis on advanced body movement. Due to the deeper knowledge of the basics, I am able to develop a compelling action sequence which fascinates the audience. Besides designing a proper setting supports the story and the animation.



My contribution
Developement • Storyboard • Environment • Lighting • Animation