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Light Source is a concept of an authentic social media strategy for the light factory ERCO. The company provides an online resource of knowledge and exchange of experiences via the Facebook application. Thus users can learn about lighting with interactive videos and tutorials.


Brainstorming within the group about common functions and advantages of social networks. A poll and interviews with architects deliver an insight of their social media usage. Defining the requirements of crossmedia communication measures and choosing Facebook as the utile platform. A mindmap of all crucial functions helps to develop the paper prototypes. Final design is done in Adobe Photoshop.


Using Facebooks’ structure and social components linked with directly accessible employees is not a campaign, but rather a communication between the user and the company at eye level. Thereby ERCO establishes itself in the social media and ties prospective customers with additional benefit instead of advertising.


My contribution
Concept • Interview •  Paper Prototype • Layout • Design