Visualization of a Retro Game video mapping onto a building of our university. The gameplay of different
8-Bit games ( Pong, Tron, Pac-Man and Tetris ) are shown and merged together to create a consistent and coherent sequence.


Creating storyboards with different game themes to test transitions between them. A continuously enhanced animatic helps to improve timing and dramaturgy issues. For the final visualization I use 3d models and a 3d facade as a projection background (via 3ds Max). Post production includes masking, effects, sound input and is done with Adobe After Effects.


To create a concept of a video mapping, which is on the one hand projected on a building of our university and moreover related with our studies. Therefore I decided to do a video game based theme which includes and plays with the architectural structure of the facade.


My contribution
Concept • Storyboard • Visualization